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Artist and Teacher

My story is one of art and perseverance. I am lucky to have gone to an amazing 4-year university and learned techniques from some of the best and now to be able to teach what I have learned to others. 

A Bit About Me

Recently graduated and thrown into the real world then stalled and reorientated due to COVID, I am a corn-fed midwesterner and Chicago transplant trying my hand at making a name for myself.


In 2019, I graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Advertising from the School of Communications and a minor in Studio Art. I took many classes in digital and physical arts and learned about design theory and typography. Currently, I teach English, Art, and Speech at the number one Alternative Education School in Illinois and

Dual-credit Mass Communications at the same institution in conjecture with a local community college. 


While in school, I held many jobs and internships related to my major such as the Marketing and Events intern at the Edgewater Chamber of Commerce, public relations intern at Jerry Thomas Public Relations, and Social media/Graphic Design staff at Shuffle Presents (a small Chicago record label). To this day I still work on consulting and I run the website for two brands, Scot "Little" Bihlman, an incredibly successful Blues and Bluegrass Artist, and Class VI, a recently opened and family-owned wine bar. 


Throughout my whole life, I have been artistically inclined through ballet, painting, computer design, or anything I could get my hands on-


I wanted to try it. 

Work Experience

Marketing and Design


Since high school I have been enamored with digital art, whether this is fan-made art of my favorite comics or the incredible feats of photoshop that I see on billboards and magazines, I love it all. I have had many opportunities to work with businesses across North America to create ads, logos, flyers, posters, stickers, websites, and more. 

Since I was young I have worked in the hospitality industry, my first job was scooping ice cream at a circus! Since then I branched out and worked at numerous places including country clubs across the US where I studied under sommeliers and master chefs to refine my palette and learn the ins and outs of the industry. My dream is to one day design a wine label and see it on shelves all across the globe.


During the pandemic, I was given the opportunity to work at Illinois's number one alternative school (a high/middle school for kids who have been expelled or referred to alternative placement). I have worked here teaching since 2021, gaining valuable life experience and both teaching and learning from the kids. 

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